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Lecturing Workshops

camera introduction &
filmmaking workshops for companies like      as small     


Underwater Videographer

   certified by  PADI

The addictive discovery of underwater miracles started in
Mozambique in 2006 and led to about 100 dives in and around
the globe. UW filming combines two of my real passions.

Indonesia, 2013  mango

Sri Lanka, 2019 => see the film   



Final Cut Pro X
Adobe Premiere
DaVinci Resolve



german / english / spanish / basic french


„Mchlachlati“ – the Traveller

This Southern Sotho nickname was given to me in 1998 in
South Africa. 2,5 years On & Off in Johannesburg. Different
camera jobs in all fields – created a big network of wonderful
people who keep me firmly attached to my „2nd home“.

Other foreign shooting experience apart from Europe ample
countries like India, Nepal, Indonesia, Japan, Senegal,
Myanmar, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.