NGOs – voluntary dedication

producer, camera & edit
voluntary projects while travelling around the world


NGO Seed
2019, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka
lifelyhood support, school for disabled – go to film  ->      

ONG Manda / Zazafaly e.V. 
2017, Antananarivo, Madagascar
streetkids, eductional training – go to film  ->   

Children for children – Kinder für Kinder e.V.
2017, Aliwal North, South Africa
supporting kids, education, food parcels – go to film  ->  

Zukunft der Kinder der Welt e.V.
2016, Kalaw, Myanmar
orphanage homes – go to film  ->      



production, camera & edit

image films, promotion clips, HoReCa presentations, exhibitions,
annual recaps festivals from 2015 – 17 via Blackdata GmbH


2017 Open Beatz – Dockville – image film festival season –
POS & HoReCa promotion clip – recap film 2017

2016 r:publica #10 – Immergut – Deichbrand – Mary Jane – Wacken –
Hurricane – POS  & HoReCa promotion clips – recap film festivals 2016

2015 Hurricane – Wacken

                              go to the films   ->    




in cooperation with        

       producer, DOP & edit

2019  Ministry of Transport – „Runter vom Gas“ – 4 portraits
          Ministry of Transport –
„Runter vom Gas“ – launch event film
          Ministry of Health – „annual conference“ – event documentation
2018  Ministry of Health – „addiction in society“ – mood clip
          Ministry of Health – „annual conference“ – event documentation
2017  Ministry of Health – „Parents on drugs“ – mood clip
          Ministry of Transport – „Runter vom Gas“ – 5 portraits
          Ministry of Transport – „Runter vom Gas“ – launch event film
2016  Ministry of Health – „Generation internet“ – mood clip
          Ministry of Transport – „VFL Team visiting VW“ – making off film
          Ministry of Family Affairs – „Hilfetelefon“ – 3 portraits on institutions
2015  Ministry of Family Affairs – „Hilfetelefon“ – sozial clip 
          Ministry of Health – „long term care insurance“ – 4 portraits
          Ministry of Health – „20 years long term care insurance“ – event film
          Ministry of Health – „Gut leben in Deutschland“ – event film

films can be found on the relevant websites                


              carte blanche

2011 Carte Blanche, DStv, South Africa
documentary –

producer, idea, camera & edit

Portrait of a german nun
Amongst the Xhosa Community in the Eastern Cape, 81 year old SR Tharsilla has been championing job creation, education & housing. This remarkable German nun came to South Africa in 1956 and knows what makes one african.



India Art             tiny drops

2013, street art India, Mumbai
HipHop music clip & image film about breakdance

producer & camera

Tiny Drops HipHop Centre Project
Street cultures bring people of different backgrounds together, bridging the gap between social & cultural differences. The HipHop School Centre with a NGO status works with the disadvantaged youth in the slums of Mumbai & Delhi. Dance, music and film are used to induce creative basic knowledge, democratic core values and English.


work-of-art          sabc

2010,  SABC 3,  South Africa
series for kids

DoP title sequence & various episodes

A show about kids with special talents. Perseverance, passion and creativity in different arts – this is what these kids show us in 21 episodes.


             shangrila png

2013, Shangri-La Scholarship Programm
image / fundraising clip

producer, camera & edit

Shangri – La / Govinda is a charity organization based in Germany supporting school kids and orphans in Nepal.  Around Kathamdu Shangrila has built an Orphange Home and a school for 250 kids.



japan            jdzb

2001, Japan
documentary about a German delegation

producer, camera & edit

The Japanese German Centre in Berlin organizes once a year an exchange programme for young employees in different work backgrounds. I had the big pleasure to be one of them. A documentation shows parts of the three weeks trip for the jdzb.